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SSHS Travelling Fellowship

The Singapore Society for Hand Surgery Travelling fellowship was established in 2011 to encourage members of the society to travel and exchange ideas on Hand Surgery and its related fields. Every year, one successful applicant will be awarded a grant of SGD 4,000 for their travel.

The applicant has to be a candidate or ordinary member of the society for at least 12 months. Candidate member applicants are trainees who are sponsored by a JCST-accredited Hand Surgery training center. Ordinary member applicants are practicing surgeons who are SAB-certified in Hand Surgery. Previous awardees are not eligible for a second award, and the applicant should be no older than 45 years of age at time of application.

The Society will send a notification of the fellowship through the secretariat. Applicants are required to submit their proposed itinerary, completed form (SSHS-TF-2015-1), letter of good standing and support from their head of department, and their curriculum vitae for consideration by the Society council.

The results of the application will be announced at the Annual General Meeting and the recipient of the award must complete their travels within a 6-month period.  After their travel, the awardee presents a report of their trip at the Annual Hand Review Course, in the format of a 10-minute presentation.

SSHS Travelling Fellows
2011: Darryl Chew [Dallas Texas Rite, USA]
2012: Aaron Gan [Asan Medical Centre, Korea]
2013: Sreedharan Sechachalam [Hospital Bichat, France]
2014: Kevin Wong [ASSH New York, USA]
2015: Dawn Chia [ASSH, Philadelphia, USA]
​2016: Mala Satkunanantham [ASSH, Chicago, USA]
2017: Anthony Foo [Yinchuan, China, Bangkok]
​2018: Sia Wei Tee [Osaka, Japan]
2019: Kang Yong Chiang [Shandong, China]

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